Flavored Vape Ban Bill Hearing Set February 2nd

The controversial bill to ban flavored vape sales on Guam finally gets rescheduled for a public hearing on February 2nd after delays.

Flavored Vape Ban Bill Hearing Set February 2nd

A highly debated bill seeking to ban flavored vape sales on Guam will now have its public hearing on February 2nd after significant delays.

Senator Tom Fisher originally introduced Bill 50-37 to prohibit retail sales of fruit and dessert-flavored vaping products. A January 4th hearing got postponed to the evening before dozens could testify, prompting the senator to withdraw and amend the legislation.

Fisher blamed committee leadership for poor communication regarding the sudden withdrawal directive. After enhancements incorporating American Cancer Society feedback, Fisher promptly resubmitted the flavored vape restriction bill as Bill 229-37 last Friday.

Original Hearing Faced Extended Delays

The initial public hearing was scheduled for January 4th at 1:30 PM. Both proponents and opponents crowded the Legislature lobby for hours awaiting discussion.

After precedent setting sessions dragged on over 5 hours, Fisher's bill got pushed back to 7 PM - unfortunately after many interested parties had departed by then.

Just after 7 PM Fisher announced he would withdraw Bill 50-37 based on revisions suggested by the American Cancer Society. The official withdrawal submitted to the committee occurred at 5:31 PM.

Fisher expressed frustration that the committee chairperson had not notified the public of the withdrawal instruction. His office was apparently unaware until nearly 7 PM.

Resubmitted Bill Incorporates Enhancements

Having withdrawn the legislation on the planned hearing date, Senator Fisher swiftly resubmitted an amended version as Bill 229-37 last Friday morning.

The revised bill integrates constructive feedback on potential enhancements recommended by the American Cancer Society. Fisher emphasized that his office welcomes productive public input.

By promptly bringing an improved draft forward, the senator hopes to finally bring the flavored vapor debate to the public forefront. The looming February 2nd hearing now provides another opportunity for collective discourse.

February 2nd Scheduled for Transparent Discourse

With a firm new hearing date set, Senator Fisher urges all interested parties to actively participate regardless of stance on restricted vape flavor availability.

The session starts 9 AM on February 2nd at the Guam Congress Building. Both advocates and critics remain invited to share perspective on the hotly contested issue.

In his statement, Fisher scolded prior committee actions for exhibiting incompetence and spreading misinformation. He insists the flavored vapor debate deserves more transparent legislative proceedings - something the February hearing intends to provide.

While the initial regulatory attempt may have stumbled, Fisher believes enabling public involvement can steer reasoned policymaking. The senator says an open forum gives citizens power to shape potential laws through civil engagement.

Broader Implications of a Retail Ban

If eventually passed, Bill 229-37 would prohibit retailers from selling e-liquids marketed with sweet fruity or dessert profiles. Exceptions include tobacco and menthol flavors.

Supporters argue such legislation protects youth from enticement toward electronic cigarettes. But opponents suggest it could spawn hazardous black market alternatives lacking safety oversight.

Senator Fisher maintains that regardless of personal views, community voices must direct legislative outcomes in a democracy. He contends the February 2nd hearing will provide that vital platform to determine the right course ahead.

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