Top 10 Best Tasting Disposable Vapes to Try in 2023

Top 10 Best Tasting Disposable Vapes to Try in 2023
Top 10 Best Tasting Disposable Vapes to Try in 2023

Disposable vapes continue gaining immense popularity in 2023 thanks to their convenience and ease of use. As technology improves, disposable vape quality and variety also increases. This definitive guide explores the top disposable vape options to try in 2023 based on bold flavors, smooth hits, and overall taste performance.

The Rising Popularity of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes provide a straightforward vaping experience, requiring no maintenance or charging. Their grab-and-go convenience fuels rapidly growing demand.

As vaping technology evolves, 2023 will bring even more advanced disposables with longer battery life, larger ejuice reservoirs, and helpful features like puff counters. Flavor variety will also continue expanding across fruit, dessert, mint, tobacco, and menthol profiles.

For vapers seeking a simple, satisfying experience, disposables present an excellent option that keeps improving. Let's explore what to look for when picking out these handy devices.

Key Factors to Consider with Disposable Vapes

  • Battery Life - Look for higher mAh battery capacities like 500-650mAh for longer runtime before disposal. Many devices now advertise over 5000 puff capacity.
  • Ejuice Volume - Larger ejuice reservoirs ranging from 5ml to 20ml allow more puffs before depletion. Standard pods contain 2-3ml, but newer models offer increased capacity.
  • Nicotine Strength - Most disposables use 25mg to 50mg nicotine salts. Choose your ideal strength based on smoking habits and tolerance. Start low if new to high-strength salts.
  • Flavor Variety - Many devices now offer wide flavor ranges beyond basic tobacco and menthol, including fruit, candy, dessert, drink, and more. Ensure the selection matches your tastes.
  • Draw Activation - Nearly all disposables use draw-activation for simple operation. Test the sensitivity and tightness to ensure the draw aligns with your preferences.
  • Design - Look for a compact, lightweight chassis with a tapered mouthpiece for portability and comfort. Avoid bulky, heavy designs if discretion is a priority.

By evaluating these factors, you can zero in on the perfect tasty disposable vape for your needs. Next, let's explore the top flavor-focused options for 2023.

The Top 10 Best Tasting Disposable Vapes for 2023

1. Elf Bar BC5000

With over 60 flavors spanning fruits, tobaccos, menthols and more, the Elf Bar BC5000 hits all the right notes for variety. The rechargeable 600mAh battery provides 5000+ puffs to keep the flavor flowing.

Elf Bar BC5000

Key Features:

  • 60+ flavor varieties
  • Rechargeable 600mAh battery
  • 5000+ puff rating

Our Take:
The BC5000 earned its popularity through sheer flavor variety and consistent performance. An ideal starter disposable, it nails convenience and satisfaction.

2. Pop Disposables

Pop Disposables come in a rotating mix of trendy flavors like Peach Ice Pop and Wildberry Lush. Their nuanced fruity profiles avoid artificial sweetness. Approximately 500 puffs provide a tasty sampling.

Pop Disposables

Key Features:

  • 8 flavor options
  • 500 puff rating
  • 50mg nicotine strength

Our Take:
For refreshingly smooth fruit and candy flavors without chemical undertones, Pop Disposables deliver. A great portable flavor experience.

3. Ohm LET Disposable

The Ohm LET houses a large 15ml reservoir filled with 7 Daze's signature smoothe Red Apple e-liquid flavor. Approximately 7000 puffs paired with a battery indicator light provide convenience.

Ohm LET Disposable

Key Features:

  • 15ml ejuice capacity
  • 7000 puff rating
  • Red Apple signature flavor
  • Battery indicator light

Our Take:

Fans of 7 Daze ejuice can enjoy their legendary Red Apple flavor in the Ohm LET disposable format for impressive longevity. Smooth accurate flavor right to the last drop.

4. Kado Stealth

For tobacco flavor lovers, the Kado Stealth impresses with options like Classic Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, and Vanilla Tobacco. The slim disposable design enhances discretion. 600 puff rating.

Kado Stealth Vape

Key Features:

  • 6 tobacco flavors available
  • Slim, discreet design
  • 600 puff rating
  • Draw-activated

Our Take:
With its slim silhouette and cigarette-like tobacco flavor options, the Kado Stealth disposable appeals as an alternative to smoking. Accurately replicated tobacco taste.


The RPM RGC disposable mimics a premium pod mod with adjustable airflow, power and coil options. But flavor and vapor production remain fantastic. Experience the taste of premium ejuice in disposable format.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable airflow
  • Variable power output
  • Refillable 4.3ml pod
  • Changeable coil options

Our Take:

For a high-end tasting experience from a disposable device, the RPM RGC is hard to beat. Adjustability takes nothing away from outstanding flavor and vapor density.


From rich dessert flavors like Banana Nut Bread to unique options like Lychee Ice, SUORIN AIR Max covers all the taste bases. The 2ml pods offer approximately 800 satisfying puffs of each profile.

SUORIN AIR Max disposable

Key Features:

  • Eight diverse flavor varieties
  • 800 puff rating
  • 2ml per pod
  • Draw-activated

Our Take:
With profiles ranging from fruits to custards, SUORIN AIR Max disposables allow easy flavor exploration. Taste each new pod knowing it lasts a full day.

7. MOTI PIIN Disposable

The MOTI PIIN amazes with its massive 20ml juice reservoir - the largest available. This huge capacity stretches flavor longevity for weeks. 15+ flavors include unique options like Hazelnut Cream.

MOTI PIIN Disposable

Key Features:

  • 20ml ejuice capacity
  • 15+ flavors available
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Draw-activated

Our Take:

The PIIN sets a new standard for disposable size and longevity without sacrificing flavor. Unique tastes stay satisfying for thousands of puffs thanks to the huge capacity.

8. Mr Fog Max Pro Disposable

For tobacco flavor fans, Mr Fog Max Pro delivers options like Classic Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Virginia Tobacco in its slim chassis. Approximately 4800 puffs give it better than average battery life.

Mr Fog Max Pro Disposable

Key Features:

  • Multiple tobacco profiles
  • Slim, discreet pen shape
  • 4800 puff rating
  • Draw-activated

Our Take:
The Max Pro houses long-lasting tobacco flavor ejuice in a slim pen-shaped shell. Discreet for public use while providing accurate nicotine flavor.

9. BLU Plus+ Disposable

BLU Plus+ keeps the flavor selection small but highly accurate. Options include rich Bold Tobacco, Crisp Mint, and Sweet Cherry Crush. Smooth 6mg nicotine ensures a less harsh experience.

BLU Plus+ Disposable

Key Features:

  • 3 flavor options
  • 400 puff rating
  • 6mg nicotine strength

Our Take:

For tobacco flavor perfection in a convenient disposable device, BLU Plus+ shines. Flavor artists carefully crafted each nuanced profile for accuracy.

10. VUSE Alto Max

From Original Tobacco to Apple Cider Frost, VUSE Alto Max contains hard hitting freebase ejuice flavors instead of nicotine salts. Robust vapor enhances the bold flavor experience. A taste lover's dream.

VUSE Alto Max

Key Features:

  • Freebase ejuice for bold flavor
  • Rich vapor production
  • Original Tobacco and Apple Cider Frost flavors

Our Take:
Alto Max uses higher VG ejuices for amplified flavor and clouds - offering one of the richest taste experiences from a disposable vape.

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Discover Your New Favorite Flavors

We hope this top disposables flavor guide provides a helpful starting point in finding your perfect taste. With so many high-quality options now available, you're sure to discover new all day flavors.

While steaming coil mods and rebuildables offer ultimate customization, disposables provide flavor variety and convenience that never disappoint. As the market continues evolving, choices expand and taste quality improves across the board.

For the flavor chaser in all of us, disposable vaping grants hassle-free satisfaction. With the wide range of profiles available today, your next adv is waiting in disposable form.