Uwell Caliburn GK3 Review

Uwell Caliburn GK3 Review
Caliburn GK3 Pod Kit Review

As one of the most popular pod system manufacturers, Uwell's Caliburn series has earned a reputation for being a solid and reliable vape. I finally got the chance to try out the newest addition to the lineup - the Caliburn GK3 pod mod kit.

After testing it extensively, I'm impressed by how Uwell managed to pack excellent performance and customizability into such a compact device while still keeping it straightforward for beginners. Read on for my full review of the GK3's design, battery life, pods, flavor production, and overall user experience.

First Impressions of the GK3

Right off the bat, the Caliburn GK3 feels remarkably lightweight and portable in hand. Weighing just 33g without a pod inserted, it practically disappears into pockets.

The dimensions stay compact as well thanks to the squared-off chassis. It reminds me of a mini vape box mod.

Fit and finish feels premium too. The aluminum alloy body has a pleasing matte texture that resists fingerprints. Nothing about the GK3 comes across as fragile or cheap.

Adding to the quality feel is the bright segmented display and intuitive controls. The firing button and two adjustment buttons have nice tactility.

Caliburn GK3 Pod Vape

Battery Life and Charging

A 790mAh battery powers the Caliburn GK3. For the size, it's pretty impressive. With the 0.8ohm pod, I got through most of a day before needing a recharge at around 14-15W.

The Type-C charging works rapidly as well. I timed a full charge at 55 minutes, which was enough to replenish the battery from empty to full.

The maximum charging rate I observed was 1.4A. Pretty quick for a tiny pod mod! Having vaped much larger dual battery devices that charged slower, Uwell clearly put effort into the GK3's power delivery.

Adjustability and Customization

For a compact pod system, the level of personalization offered by the GK3 is remarkable.

The 0.96-inch display grants intuitive control over settings like:

  • Wattage - Adjustable from 5 to 25W
  • Voltage - Tunable from 3.2 to 4.1V
  • Coil resistance - Reads resistances down to 0.15ohm
  • Draw activation - Can switch between auto-draw only or button + auto
  • Screen timeout - Adjustable between 5 to 15 seconds

Having this degree of customizability in something as pocket-sized as the GK3 is impressive. It caters well to both beginners and experienced vapers.

Caliburn GK3 Pod Vape

Build Quality and Design

The GK3 doesn't just perform well, it looks and feels like a premium piece of kit too.

The durable aluminum alloy chassis is part of it, but Uwell sweated all the small details as well. For example, the pods securely snap into place using strong magnets. There's also a transparent window to monitor juice levels.

Speaking of pods, filling them is mess-free thanks to the silicone plug system. Despite tossing this pod mod in bags and pockets, I encountered zero leaks.

Everything from the tactile buttons to the bright display gives off a polished vibe rarely seen in such affordable pod system kits.

Flavor and Coil Performance

Now onto the most crucial aspect - flavor reproduction. This is where the GK3 truly excels.

It ships with two pod options:

  • 0.8ohm Pro-Focus mesh pod (supported between 15-25W)
  • 0.3ohm Pro-Focus dual coil pod (best between 25-33W)

Both pods deliver wonderfully saturated flavor with any nic salt juice I tried. The coils emphasize nuance and complexity over brute harshness. Even at higher wattages, the vape stayed smooth.

Pod life seems pretty good too. Over two weeks of frequent use, I detected minimal flavor or vapor deterioration.

For convenience, the pods are transparent so you can monitor juice levels and refill in time. But even after careless handling, I never dealt with messes or leaks.

Caliburn GK3 Pod 0.6

Overall User Experience

The Caliburn GK3 simply excels when it comes to usability and user experience. For beginners, it's unintimidating and easy to figure out. No complex menus to decipher.

Just fill up a pod, pop it in the bay, and start vaping. The automatic draw activation means you don't even need to find the firing button if you don't want to. It just works.

For intermediate users who want to fine-tune their vape, you have ample settings to play with. The different power levels and airflow adjustment via pod swapping allows catering the vape to your taste.

I also have to commend Uwell's impressive quality control. In over two weeks of frequent use, I didn't encounter a single misfire, atomizer error, or defect. That's rare to see!

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Pros and Cons of the Uwell Caliburn GK3


  • Excellent build quality despite compact size
  • Simple, intuitive controls for beginners
  • Advanced customizability for experienced vapers
  • Long-lasting pods with minimal leakage
  • Accurate and nuanced flavor reproduction
  • Fast USB Type-C charging


  • Battery capacity is decent but could be higher
  • Slightly restrictive direct lung hit at maximum airflow


To summarize, I'm blown away by what Uwell managed to achieve with the Caliburn GK3 pod kit. It retains the signature ease of use Caliburn is known for but elevates the experience to a new level through improved battery life, better flavor, and added customizability.

While not a cloud-chasing powerhouse, the GK3 delivers a flavorful and satisfying mouth-to-lung or restricted direct lung vape depending on your settings and pod choice. Long-lasting pods and rapid charging help minimize downtime as well.

For both entry-level and experienced vapers seeking a reliable pod system that's as versatile as it is compact, the Uwell Caliburn GK3 is an easy recommendation. Once again, Uwell shows why they are regarded as industry leaders.